Name: Jillian

Known Aliases: the girl underway, Jillie, Jill, Jill-Belle, Jildo, and by only her mother, Jillie-Poo

Likes: Technology, photography, literature, sociology. Music. Geekiness. Surprises. Good, supportive sneakers. Hugs. Gladiolus, ice cream, Watermelon and Blue Raspberry Jolly Ranchers. The word “beautiful.” Driving fast. Honesty. White gold jewelry. Laughing, and making people laugh. Cheesecake. Being out in public dressed in gothic attire while playing with strangers’ children and holding the door open for Granny and Meemaw. Having her neck massaged. Wolves. Educational television and educational periodicals. Fishnet. Quoting people. Adobe software. Singing.

Dislikes: Valley girls. Spiders, and tomatoes. Actors trying to break into the music business. Opinionated ignorance. Individuals who drive under the speed limit in the passing lane. Bad grammar, lack of personal hygiene. Raisins. Bible thumpers. Valentine’s Day. People she can’t trust. Writer’s block, and pens with anything larger than a .5mm point. The word “tit.” Being treated like she’s just another idiot girl. The color pink. History class. Unsweetened tea. Being awoken erroneously from a nice, warm sleep. Steak. Websites built entirely in Flash. the RIAA.



4 responses to “Whois?

  1. Calthas

    I did not know you did not like steak… I’m scared by this.

  2. There is nothing frightening about my dislike of steak. I’ve tried it many times, cooked differently, with different things with it, etc., and I have sat through meals in which I ate a small piece of steak simply because I knew I needed the protein and the iron– but set a piece of white meat chicken next to my piece of steak and I’ll go for the chicken every time. I just don’t care for the texture or the taste of steak much. *shrugs*

  3. You seem, interesting. I know that is not much to say about a person, but I’m quite happy I stumbled upon this blog.

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